Want proof?

? Nielsen conducted a survey last December that showed 85 percent of tablet owners use their devices as a second screen meaning they use it while watching TV. That same report also concluded a third of those folks use their devices to check sports scores WHILE watching another game. As a Red Sox fan, someone…
Daha Fazla Bilgi

The holiday season tends

to inspire kindness and generosity in people, and shop owners should be no exception. Even if you haven created an elaborate marketing plan for December, you can boost seasonal sales by treating your customers well. Show shoppers you care by providing free holiday beverages like hot cider and cocoa. According to the aforementioned source, Klopp…
Daha Fazla Bilgi

After settling out of court

Bryant returned to the NBA and again began focusing on basketball with renewed vigor. The incident could be defined as a personal matter and had nothing to do with his sport of basketball. Bryant was still young at that time and had many years in the NBA league as well as many achievements still to…
Daha Fazla Bilgi