For Paul Strom, a software engineer

For Paul Strom, a software engineer, that has meant more trips to see his daughter attending college in Austin. Amy Franklin, a stay at home mom who describes herself as a penny pincher, is so enjoying the bargains at the pump that she tweeted last month, GAS. YES.

FLORENCE, Ill. (WGEM) It took about a week for the Illinois River to reach its crest. But, the cleanup could take much longer than that, as communities gear up for a long cleanup, they're also ready for a big bill.One road in Florence, Illinois is completely covered.

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40 years ago the economy was booming and it probably took you five years to save for cheap nfl jerseys your down payment. Now it takes 20 years to save for a downpayment in Vancouver. Do you think for one second wages have kept pace with inflation and the ridiculous housing market? Did you have kids? Did your wife/husband stay home with them because daycare cost more than one parent take home wages? No student loan debt, weren you lucky (tuition has quadrupled).

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