We wonder about God working through us

We wonder about God working through us

A clergyman was urging a young fellow to do some lay speaking. "No way," replied the young fellow. "I'm no Billy Graham or Joel Osteen. I'm not worthy to try to speak for God." "No," the pastor replied. "Who is? You are not a famous pastor you are Jim Maxwell and there is just one of you."

It's easy to get a wrong idea about God's work. Shortly after I began to write this column a good friend commented, "How does it feel to be wearing two collars?" He meant I was an editor for a secular newspaper and at the same time writing a column regarding religion. http://www.cheapjerseys11.com/ If I understand the Bible correctly we are to do God's work where we find it. There should be no separation between our working and our worshiping worlds.

If we wait to be made perfect before we do what we understand he wants us to do in this world, we will wait a long time. The beauty is that God uses imperfect men and women to do his work. If he didn't, his work would never get done. If God chooses to speak to us through a person who is less than perfect, he has chosen to use that person. It's not the instruments God uses to do his work that are perfect, only the inspiration he gives those people he chooses. It is not easy to follow the urgings of God. Just rewarding.

I know clergymen and women who get very discouraged from time to time. One young minister complained that he saw no change in the members of his congregation although he preached his heart out to them Sunday after Sunday. An older preacher, recognizing his feelings because he had gone through the same thing, took the young man aside. "Don't let this get you down," he advised. "Christ himself couldn't persuade all the people he taught." Indeed he couldn't. And there were times in his life that were very difficult for him even before he went to the cross.

One time he was talking with a group of Pharisees when things became difficult. The argument continued and Jesus finally said, "If a man keeps my sayings he will never see death." This was a startling statement. He was claiming a clear relationship with God. His listeners were shocked. Hearing such a claim they said the devil had taken hold of Jesus. Finally they picked up rocks to throw at him. Their attitude was not so different from that of many of us today. If we can't win an argument using reason we are tempted to use stronger methods.

In the middle of all this anger Jesus said, "Now ye seek to kill me, a man who has told you the truth." Well, sometimes the truth is hard to take. When we see a person who has succeeded where we have failed, our first reaction is not to praise him but to criticize him. How many people in your town are the objects of cheap rumors from small minds even though their only "sin" is success?

We don't like people telling us we are wrong even though they are right. If we can't win the issue we try to discredit the person. This is what the crowds did often with Jesus. I remember a young man who went in to conduct services in a church under difficult circumstances.

Their preacher had walked out of the pulpit and resigned one Sunday morning because of some problem. This young fellow was sent in on a temporary basis to cheap jerseys hold the fort until things calmed down a little. He did his best to pull things together, and was successful. The congregation grew every week. The church had more people worshipping there than ever before. He was so successful the congregation asked him to become their regular minister.

But there were two officials of that church who objected to the young preacher. He never knew why. Anyone can find something undesirable in us. I don't think God will accept that as an excuse for not trying to do his work. Your minister or priest needs you.

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