Customer Analytics


Customer analytics minimizes the difficulty of understanding what your customers want. Customer Analytics uncovers hidden insights in your customer data so you can create personalized experiences that win more business while reducing costs and increasing customer loyalty.


Customers are more empowered and connected than ever, with unprecedented access to information anytime and
anywhere. Their expectations are high, and their buying choices are based on positive interactions with your brand.

The insights generated by customer analytics also connect to and inform business planning, budgeting and forecasting
so organizations can more effectively manage and optimize their performance.

Customer analytics can tell you who your customers are, what they are doing, what they want, and how and when to
reach them, so that you can create personalized experiences that win more business and drive loyalty.

Customer analytics solutions from IBM and Intellium expertise can help your organization to:

  • Target customers with highly relevant offers across all channels, including digital, mobile and social.
  • Understand your customers in the context of their individual relationships with your brand.
  • Engage with customers through the right channel, with the right message, at the right time.
  • Predict which customers are at risk of churning and why, and take actions to retain them.
  • Measure customer sentiment and spot emerging trends in social media and survey data.
  • Maximize customer lifetime value through personalized up-sell and cross-sell offers.


What We Offer

Customer acquisition

Attract more valuable customers with smarter analytics.


Improve banking profitability with customer

Customer lifetime value

Maximize customer profitability through up-sell and

Social media analytics

Unlock the value of customer sentiment in social

Customer loyalty

Retain valuable customers by improving loyalty and

Marketing performance analytics

Deliver better results and bigger returns.

IBM and Intellium offer an extensive portfolio of customer analytics products to help you optimize your day-to-day marketing activities and guide your future strategies.

IBM Cognos Business Intelligence

Act on fact-based insights gained from integrated dashboards, scorecards, reporting, analysis and mobile BI capabilities.

IBM Predictive Customer Intelligence

Deliver personalized experiences that are most relevant to each unique customer based on their buying behavior, web activity, social media presence and much more.

IBM Social Media Analytics

Unlock the value of social media sentiment to anticipate customer needs, identify key influencers and manage your brand’s online reputation.

IBM SPSS Data Collection

Get an accurate view of people’s attitudes, preferences and opinions.

IBM SPSS Modeler

Discover patterns and trends in your structured and unstructured data with an intuitive visual interface supported by advanced analytics.

IBM SPSS Statistics

Put the power of advanced statistical analysis in your hands to understand data, identify trends and produce accurate forecasts.

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