Operational Analytics


At every stage of the operational processes that bring your product or service to market, there are opportunities to increase efficiency and reduce costs. However, achieving a high level of operational excellence can be an overwhelming challenge considering the broad scope of people, processes and assets within your organization.

IBM SPSS solutions for operational analytics can help maximize productivity and profitability across every organizational department.

From manufacturing to product development, purchasing, human resources and more, IBM SPSS solutions and DataClarity expertise enable businesses to make significant improvements in real time that help you to:

  • Streamline operational processes to meet ever-changing customer demands.
  • Optimize your production and distribution channels.
  • Overcome short-term stresses or unexpected marketplace changes.
  • More effectively allocate capital and human resources.


What We Offer

Inventory management

Inventory management solutions from IBM help you get the right inventory to the right locations at the right time.

Predictive maintenance

Predict equipment failure, avoid costly downtime and reduce maintenance costs with predictive maintenance solutions from IBM.

Predictive operational analytics solutions from IBM can help organizations strike the right balance between operational cost, speed, flexibility and quality. These solutions combine business intelligence, predictive modeling, data analysis, decision management and data collection capabilities, providing decision-makers with access to fact-driven insights and recommended actions in real time.

What We Offer

IBM SPSS ModelerBuild predictive models without programming, using your structured and unstructured data. IBM SPSS Decision ManagementAutomatically deliver high-volume, optimized decisions at the point of impact.
IBM SPSS StatisticsUnderstand your data, identify trends and produce accurate forecasts. IBM Cognos Business IntelligenceImprove your business with reports, analysis, dashboards and scorecarding capabilities.
IBM SPSS Collaboration and Deployment ServicesAutomate analytical processes and share output with people and systems easily and securely. IBM Cognos ExpressExplore the business intelligence and planning solution for workgroups and midsize companies.
IBM SPSS Data CollectionGet an accurate view of people's attitudes, preferences and opinions. IBM Cognos InsightAnalyze, visualize and share personal and corporate data independently, from your desktop.

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