Predictive analytics helps your organization anticipate change so that you can plan and carry out strategies that improve outcomes. By applying predictive analytics solutions to data you already have, your organization can uncover unexpected patterns and associations and develop models to guide front-line interactions.

Analysis of structured and unstructured information with mining, predictive modeling, and
'what-if' scenario analysis

Predictive analytics helps your organization predict with confidence what will happen next so that you can make smarter decisions and improve business outcomes. IBM and Intellium offer easy-to-use predictive analytics products that meet the specific needs of different users and skill levels from beginners to experienced analysts.

With predictive analytics software from IBM, you can:

  • Uncover unexpected patterns and associations from all data within your organization and develop models to guide front-line interactions.
  • Prevent high-value customers from leaving, sell additional services to current customers, develop successful new products, improve operational efficiency, and identify and minimize fraud and risk.
  • Perform advanced analytics, data mining, text mining, social media analytics and statistical analysis including regression analysis, cluster analysis and correlation analysis, data collection and online survey research, data
    modeling and predictive modeling.
  • Use customized functionality for different skill levels including visual, menu-driven interfaces for beginners and command syntax interfaces and advanced functionality for more skilled analysts.
  • Manage and deploy analytical assets across your organization and deliver optimized decisions to your operational systems and decision makers.
IBM SPSS StatisticsUse the power of advanced statistical analysis to understand data, identify trends and produce accurate forecasts.IBM SPSS Modeler Build predictive models quickly and intuitively without programming with this powerful data mining workbench.IBM SPSS Data CollectionDeliver surveys over any channel, in many languages and from any location to gain an accurate view of attitudes and opinions. IBM SPSS Decision Management Automatically deliver high-volume, optimized
decisions at the point of impact to achieve superior results.IBM SPSS Analytic CatalystAutomatically uncover key insights and statistically interesting relationships from big data sets.IBM SPSS Analytic ServerEfficiently derive predictions and recommendations from big data.

What types of business problems can IBM SPSS Predictive Analytics help you address?

There are multiple uses for predictive analytics in every industry – from gaining a better understanding of current situation to be able to consider the most appropriate options, to predicting what is likely to happen next and taking actions to improve outcomes.

Specific benefits to your business include:

  • Ability to acquire, grow and retain customers
  • Reduce costs
  • Minimize risk and fraud
  • Improve efficiency

IBM SPSS predictive analytics products are delivered in an easy-to integrate, open technology platform.

IBM and Intellium have the technology and expertise to apply predictive analytics solutions in a way that addresses your specific business problems and delivers rapid return on investment.


  • Customer Analytics
  • Profitability
  • Fraud Prevention

  • Customer Retention & Growth
  • Catastrophe modeling
  • Fraud Prevention

  • Customer Churn Reduction
  • Marketing Optimization

  • Medical Research
  • Disease Management
  • Patient Care Quality
  • Operational Efficiency
  • Fraud Reduction

  • Customer Insight
  • Merchandising Management
  • Operational Efficiency

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