Predictive Maintenance


Predictive maintenance solutions from IBM access multiple data sources in real time to predict asset failure so your organization can avoid costly downtime and reduce maintenance costs.

Driven by predictive analytics, predictive maintenance solutions detect even minor anomalies and failure patterns to determine the assets and operational processes that are at the greatest risk of failure.

This early identification of issues helps you deploy limited maintenance resources more cost-effectively, maximize
equipment uptime and enhance quality and supply chain processes, ultimately improving customer satisfaction.

Predictive maintenance solutions from IBM can help your organization:

  • Predict when and where asset failures are likely to occur.
  • Avoid asset downtime and reduce maintenance costs.
  • Perform root-cause analyses of asset and process failures.
  • Minimize product quality issues.
  • Optimize spare-parts inventory.
  • Predict warranty claims.
  • Enhance sales and operations planning.

IBM Predictive Maintenance and Quality

With IBM Predictive Maintenance and Quality, you can use powerful analytics and data integration to help:

  • Reduce unscheduled asset downtime.
  • Spend less time solving production machinery and field asset problems.
  • Improve asset productivity and process quality.
  • Monitor how assets are performing in real-time and predict what will happen next.

This software solution can benefit asset-intensive organizations in a variety of industries, including automotive,
aerospace and defense, chemical and petroleum, electronics, energy and utilities, government, travel and transportation
and telecommunications.


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