Make better and smarter business decisions faster. From professional report authors responsible for designing one-to-many reports for the enterprise, to business users who need the ability to create their own ad-hoc queries or customize existing reports, IBM and Intellium business intelligence software provides the reporting foundation your organization needs to gain insights that are meaningful, actionable, and of real value.

IBM and Intellium reporting capabilities help:

  • Professional report authors create reports in a single environment and distribute them to the enterprise.
  • Business users create their own reports or modify existing reports without asking IT.
  • IT administrators deploy, manage and expand the reporting application.
  • Mobile workers interact with reports on mobile devices or while disconnected.


What We Offer

Enterprise reports

IBM Cognos Enterprise provides enterprise reporting to help you understand your business performance.

Reports for departments, workgroups and midsize businesses

IBM Cognos Express provides reports for midsize businesses, departments and workgroups.

Desktop reports

IBM Cognos Insight provides personal analytics on your desktop, including reports

Mobile reports

IBM Cognos Mobile provides reports on your mobile devices.Self-contained reportsCognos Active reports provides interactive reports in a self-contained BI application for browsing and exploring data offline.

Pre-built reports

Intellium DashInsight provides pre-built reports and analytic content to fast-track dashboard development and accelerate decision-making.


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