Support business decisions with statistical results


IBM business intelligence software includes statistics capabilities that simplify the process of incorporating statistical results into your data analysis and preparing business presentations based on that analysis. You can validate business information and drive business decisions by adding statistical evidence to reports that can be distributed easily to broader business communities.

Statistics capabilities in IBM business intelligence software can help you:

  • Make statistics part of your core business intelligence (BI) content.
  • See patterns and trends in your data.
  • Eliminate the hassles of exporting statistics data to different systems.
  • Bring statistical results into a single output.
  • Identify process faults.
  • Employ statistical process control.
  • Create histograms and box plots that business users can visually scan for interesting looking activities or anomalies.


What We Offer

IBM Cognos Enterprise:

IBM Cognos Enterprise provides statistics capabilities to help improve your reporting and analysis.


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