Big Data Analytics


Big data represents a new era in data exploration and utilization. IBM and Intellium help clients design, develop and execute a big data strategy that will enhance and complement existing systems and processes.

IBM Big Data and Analytics platform, now known as IBM Watson Foundations

IBM is unique in having developed an enterprise class big data and analytics platform that allows you to address the full spectrum of big data business challenges.

Why a platform versus individual products to address big data pain points? The real benefit of the platform is leverage - the ability to start with one capability and easily add others over your big data journey. IBM is the only vendor with this broad and balanced view of big data with the needs of a platform the benefit is pre-integration of its components to reduce your implementation time and cost.

Watson Foundations big data capabilities include:

    • Data Management & Warehouse: Gain industry-leading database performance across multiple workloads while lowering administration, storage, development and server costs; Realize extreme speed with capabilities optimized for analytics workloads such as deep analytics, and benefit from workload-optimized systems that can be up and running in hours.
    • Hadoop System: Bring the power of Apache Hadoop to the enterprise with application accelerators, analytics,
      visualization, development tools, performance and security features.
  • Stream Computing: Efficiently deliver real-time analytic processing on constantly changing data in motion and enable descriptive and predictive analytics to support real-time decisions. Capture and analyze all data, all the time, just in time. With stream computing, store less, analyze more and make better decisions faster.
  • Content Management: Enable comprehensive content lifecycle and document management with cost-effective control of existing and new types of content with scale, security and stability.
  • Information Integration & Governance: Build confidence in big data with the ability to integrate, understand, manage and govern data appropriately across its lifecycle.
InfoSphere StreamsEnables continuous analysis of massive volumes of streaming data with sub-millisecond response times. IBM InfoSphere WarehouseProvides a comprehensive data warehouse platform that delivers access to structured and unstructured information in real time.
InfoSphere BigInsightsAn enterprise-ready, Apache Hadoop-based solution for managing and analyzing massive volumes of structured and unstructured data. InfoSphere Master Data ManagementCreates trusted views of your master data for improving your applications and business processes.
InfoSphere Data ExplorerDiscovery and navigation software that provides real-time access and fusion of big data with rich and varied data from enterprise applications for greater insight and ROI. IBM Smart Analytics SystemProvides a comprehensive portfolio of data management, hardware, software, & services capabilities that modularly delivers a wide assortment of business changing analytics.
IBM PureData powered by Netezza technologySimplifies and optimizes performance of data services for analytic applications, enabling very complex algorithms to run in minutes not days. InfoSphere Information ServerUnderstand, cleanse, transform and deliver trusted information to your critical business initiatives, integrating big data into the rest of your IT systems.

What types of business problems can a big data platform help you address?

There are multiple uses for big data in every industry – from analyzing larger volumes of data than was previously possible to drive more precise answers, to analyzing data in motion to capture opportunities that were previously lost. A big data platform will enable your organization to tackle complex problems that previously could not be solved.

While there is a lot of buzz about big data in the market, it isn’t hype. Plenty of customers are seeing tangible ROI using IBM solutions to address their big data challenges:

  • Healthcare: 20% decrease in patient mortality by analyzing streaming patient data
  • Telco: 92% decrease in processing time by analyzing networking and call data
  • Utilities: 99% improved accuracy in placing power generation resources by analyzing 2.8 petabytes of untapped data

IBM’s big data platform is helping enterprises across all industries. IBM and Intellium understand the business challenges and dynamics of your industry and we can help you make the most of all your information.

When companies can analyze ALL of their available data, rather than a subset, they gain a powerful advantage over their competition.

IBM and Intellium have the technology and the expertise to apply big data solutions in a way that addresses your specific business problems and delivers rapid return on investment.


  • Advanced condition monitoring
  • New car packaging & pricing
  • Warranty claims

  • Threat/crime prevention & prediction
  • Fraud, waste & abuse analytics

  • Dynamic price optimization
  • Localized assortment
  • Marketing optimization

  • Next best action
  • System log analysis
  • Liquidity risk management

  • Measure & act on population health
  • Engage consumers in their healthcare
  • Improve care and outcomes

  • Optimized service assurance
  • Network intelligence
  • New products & services creation
Digital Media

  • Reduce data latency
  • Manage complexity and cost
  • Deliver accurate marketing results
  • Enable scalable growth

  • Next best action
  • Catastrophe modeling
  • Claims fraud
Travel & Transportation

  • Customer analytics & loyalty marketing
  • Predictive maintenance
Energy and Utilities

  • Smart meter analytics
  • Distribution load forecasting & scheduling
  • Condition-based maintenance
Oil & Gas

  • Advanced condition monitoring
  • Drilling surveillance & optimization
  • Production surveillance & optimization

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