Information Integration


The end-to-end information integration capabilities of InfoSphere Information Server allow you to understand your data, cleanse, monitor, transform, and deliver data, as well as to collaborate to bridge the gap between business and IT.

By leveraging the ‘anywhere integration’ capabilities delivered by InfoSphere Information Server, you can ensure that the information that drives your business and your strategic initiatives – from big data and point of impact analytics to master data management and data warehousing – is trusted, consistent and governed in real-time.

There are three key requirements needed for trusted information integration:

Understand your information and foster collaboration between business and IT

Encourage a standardized approach to discovering your IT assets and establishing a common business language. By leveraging InfoSphere Business Information Exchange, you are better able to align IT with your business goals.

Cleanse data and monitor data quality

By analyzing, cleansing, monitoring and managing data, you can turn data into trusted information- this enables better business decisions and improves business process execution within your organization.

Transform data in any style and deliver it to any system

Integrate data on demand across multiple sources and targets while satisfying the most complex requirements with the most scalable runtime available, hence ensuring faster time to value and reduced IT risk.

InfoSphere Information Server

Understand, cleanse, transform and deliver trusted information to your critical business initiatives, integrating big data into the rest of your IT systems.

InfoSphere Master Data Management

Creates trusted views of your master data for improving your applications and business processes.

  InfoSphere DataStage

For faster, more flexible integration of all types of data, including "big" data at rest (Hadoop-based) or in motion (stream-based), on distributed and mainframe platforms.

InfoSphere QualityStage

IBM InfoSphere QualityStage ensures systems deliver accurate, complete information to business users across the enterprise.

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