Financial Management

Intellium Financial Management™ is a fully integrated enterprise financial management system comprising financial consolidation, planning, process management, statutory reporting and performance dashboards – all in one solution.

DFM™ offers powerful functionalities that meet the most demanding accounting and financial reporting requirements.

Built on the IBM Cognos performance management platform, DFM™ offers power and flexibility for streamlined, best-practice financial reporting, planning, consolidation, and process management.

With DFM™, finance organizations can prepare financial information and analyze, investigate and understand it in a centralized, controlled, compliant environment. Intellium Financial Management™ is an IFRS and GAAP compliant solution that consolidates global reporting and analysis in a single application.

It also enables individual segment reporting by customer, product or market, and generates an extensive audit trail to satisfy the needs of external and internal auditors.

Key Benefits

  • Built to be owned and maintained by the office of finance
  • Provide powerful financial consolidation and reporting capabilities
  • Reduce closing cycles by days and deliver more timely results
  • Automate and streamline financial processes
  • Advanced workflow features help increase collaboration and user productivity
  • Provide easy-to-use financial and management reports and dashboards
  • Foster pre-built financial dashboards and statutory reports
  • Provide unified insight into the current close process status as well as the financial results
  • Deploy easily and feature a user-friendly and intuitive environment
  • Provide comprehensive audit trails
  • Automate and accelerate planning, budgeting, and forecasting process
  • Minimize the cost of compliance and increase confidence
  • Provide strong and reliable integration platform


Modernize your financial consolidation and corporate reporting for compliance and performance

Improving performance management is critical to any organization and the closing, consolidating, and reporting process is acknowledged as the foundation for performance management in the office of finance.

DFM™ provides out of the box financial and management consolidation capabilities your office of finance needs to:

  • Prepare and consolidate financial information in a centralized, controlled, compliant environment
  • Automate and control consolidation activities and accounting processes
  • Manage and control financial statement reporting
  • Ensure the end to end completion of the close process
  • Meet new governance and financial reporting standards

By fostering global consolidation functionalities, DFM™ supports standardized consolidation and reporting processes and provides data collection, validation, multicurrency translation, minority interest holdings, intercompany eliminations, closing adjustments, management adjustments, allocations, and advanced formula calculations. It also provides multilingual consolidated financial reporting and support. DFM™ enables an integrated financial management process with strong data collection and validation capabilities, robust finance controls, automated and standardized processes, and comprehensive audit trails.

It also incorporates GAAP, IFRS, and local statutory standards to ensure compliance with stringent reporting regulations. The solution combines ease of use with functionality that facilitates full compliance and provides depth in consolidation and reporting. All of this can be done without IT assistance.

Key Benefits

  • Prepare financial information in a centralized environment for accurate, auditable financial results, and end-to-end control of the close process.
  • Consolidate thousands of accounts into a common chart-of-accounts structure.
  • Evaluate results for multiple countries, currencies legal entities, and legal structures.
  • Gain better control of financial results with automation and self-service reporting, dashboarding, and analysis.
  • Improve financial and compliance performance and operational efficiency.
  • Provide an enterprise view of key financial ratios and metrics.
  • Streamline the financial close and reporting cycle.
  • Give comprehensive and timely insight into critical financial processes.
  • Better control risk with extensive audit trails.
  • Enable finance organizations harness the complexity of data and gain insight for better performance management.
  • Meet the needs of managers and regulators with pre-configured, standard reports, and dashboards.
  • Support better financial reporting with consolidated management data based on a clear link between statutory and management consolidation.
  • Enhance collaboration across organizational boundaries on a single platform that optimize efficiency of financial processes.
  • Enable full integration with enterprise planning, budgeting and forecasting applications.
  • Deliver financial reports enterprise-wide through integration with IBM Cognos TM1 and IBM Cognos Business Intelligence.
  • Ensure shorter implementation times and a low total cost of ownership.


Easier planning, streamlined budgeting, and better forecasting

Planning, budgeting and forecasting are essential processes for almost all organizations.

Understanding past performance and aligning business results with the corporate strategy is key to unlocking business value and seizing new opportunities. Intellium Financial Management™ can help organizations gain a deeper understanding of the true drivers of their business while simultaneously improving upon the accuracy of their forecasting.

By simplifying and accelerating planning, budgeting, and forecasting processes, DFM™ can help you improve efficiency and better manage performance in your organization. Designed with purpose-built financial performance management functionality, DFM™ enables you to make more confident decisions with immediate access to historical financial and operational data, current actuals, and future budgets and plans – all in a single application.

With DFM™ you get more reliable and timely data, perform root cause analysis, and model business scenarios to optimize future performance. By unifying planning with budgeting, forecasting, and reporting, DFM™ helps improve the consistency of your plans and increase confidence in the accuracy and integrity of your budgets.

Besides combining real-time and historical data to ensure you achieve the most accurate forecasts, plans, and budgets, DFM™ offers powerful financial and operational self-service reporting capabilities to support better decision-making while reducing dependence on IT.

Key Benefits

  • Address finance needs quickly while enabling operations-specific budgeting processes
  • Automate creating and approving plans and budgets and increase forecast accuracy
  • Improve information visibility and provide a unified view of business performance
  • Reduce budgeting and planning cycles by weeks or months and increase user productivity
  • Ensure data is reliable and up-to-date and enable improved collaboration
  • Drive faster and better financial reporting across your organization
  • Provide what-if analysis and scenario-planning for assessing budgeting suitability in real-time
  • Combine financial and operational planning in one system and align plans with corporate goals
  • Identify causes of underperformance and take immediate corrective action
  • Increase agility and the ability to accurately forecast future outcomes
  • Save time and money and deliver a more consistent user experience


Empower the office of finance with an easy to use system to automate financial processes, centralize information, and increase collaboration within and across departments and systems.

During month end close, finance professionals need reliable process automation and optimization, centralized information access, user collaboration, and status reporting to deliver the accurate and predictable outcomes expected of them each and every month. With DFM™, finance organizations can now streamline and optimize performance by automatings high-value financial processes such as their month end close.

DFM™ fosters powerful process management capabilities your company need to improve financial accuracy, transparency, risk, predictability, accountability, and audit traceability. It helps organizations reduce expense and lost productivity by minimizing costly errors, manual steps, duplication of efforts, and unnecessary financial operations.

Key Benefits

  • Automate, standardize, optimize, and track complex approval-based financial processes to gain better control.
  • Centralize and secure all relevant financial information to streamline completion of financial operations and tasks, and ensure future audit traceability.
  • Assign personnel to ownership and approval roles required to complete tasks to ensure clear accountability and process compliance.
  • Empower users with collaboration to compress sequential task start and completion times, resulting in meaningful increases in organizational productivity, consistency, and efficiency.
  • Assign managers and executives to observer and administrator roles to provide up to the minute status and transparency on all financial processes utilizing world class reporting and e-mail alerts.
  • Drag-and drop functionality to visually model financial processes, as well as tabular views that utilize filters to sort the financial information.
  • Reduce expense and lost productivity by minimizing costly errors, manual steps, duplication of efforts, and unnecessary financial operations.
  • Provide a unified environment across a department or the entire enterprise to ensure improved governance and compliance.
  • Rapidly deploy a complete 100% browser-based system that is easily managed and maintained by the office of finance.
  • Seamlessly integrate with other financial systems that provide financial consolidation, statutory reporting, performance dashboards, and enterprise planning, budgeting, and forecasting.
  • An intuitive, user-friendly, and customizable web interface to design, build, publish, and run unlimited workflows with no programming experience or technical knowledge.

DFM™ offers financial and management reporting capabilities to support confident decision-making

By optimizing the delivery of close reports and financial statements to finance team and financial reports to line of business executives and managers, DFM™ meets the information requirements for different types of reporting:

  • Consolidation reporting: cost-efficient, effective compliance, and faster cycles of close process execution.
  • Financial reporting: faster cycles of financial performance insight and performance feedback.
  • Management reporting: accurate and timely financial and operational results delivered to business stakeholders, managers, and executives with performance feedback.

DFM™ provides the foundation for monitoring financial performance with readily available performance dashboards, scorecards, and metrics. With DFM™, users can dynamically monitor and analyze results, create alternative scenarios, and adjust operational strategies to produce favorable outcomes. DFM™ leverages an array of industry-leading IBM Cognos solutions for enterprise planning, budgeting, forecasting, scorecarding, analysis, and reporting—for example, multi-format, enterprisewide, information delivery as enabled by IBM Cognos Business Intelligence—offering tightly woven enterprise reporting, analytics, scorecarding, and event management.

DFM™ offers a variety of finance-focused dashboards with pre-defined KPI’s and ratios including:

Executive & Summary Dashboards
Executive Scorecard (KPI’s: Net Revenue, EBITDA, Net Income, Working Capital, EBITDA Margin %, ROE %).Executive Ratio (Ratios: Current Ratio, DSO, Inventory Turns, AR over 90 days, EPS, R&D % to Sales).
What-If Analysis & Impact Diagrams Impact Diagrams (KPI’s: Net Revenue, EBITDA, Net Income, Working Capital).What-If Analysis (KPI’s: Net Income).
Performance Indicators Division Performance (KPI’s: Net Revenue, EBITDA, Net Income, Working Capital).Product Performance (KPI’s: Net Revenue, EBITDA, Net Income).
Statutory Reports Profit and Loss, Balance Sheet, Indirect Cash Flow, Statement of Equity, Adjustment

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