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IBM Cognos TM1 capabilities span personal, functional, and enterprise requirements for planning, reporting, and analysis to help Finance drive timely decision-making.

Cognos TM1 raises planning and what-if analysis to new levels of responsiveness. It ties Finance to operations to help uncover new business options, increase profits, and manage capital effectively. And it facilitates dynamic planning, forecasting and profitability analysis. Cognos TM1 offers:

  • A personal analytics interface, including on-demand scenario modeling infused with planning capabilities.
  • Rapid development and deployment of flexible models, including profitability models – without batch processing.
  • Enterprise-wide reporting on important financial metrics.
  • Integration with IBM Cognos Business Intelligence, including dashboards, scorecards and standard reporting for general ledger, accounts receivable and accounts payable.
  • Support for in-depth predictive and risk analytics.
  • Control by the finance organization, while business users manage their own work without the need for constant IT support.

What's New

IBM Cognos TM1 V10.2.2 enables organizations to optimize performance through advanced planning, analytics, modeling, and reporting. Through IBM Cognos TM1's broad flexibility, you can model and then deploy various planning solutions that address the diverse needs of every department in the organization.

IBM Cognos TM1 V10.2.2 delivers the following enhancements:

  • Improved ease of use and functionality that helps increase performance, quality, and scalability.
  • Integrated metrics, scorecarding, and strategy management support built directly into its modeling environment.
  • Scorecarding usability improvements.
  • Enhancements in IBM Cognos Analysis for Microsoft Excel, allowing more advanced report building. An Application Programming Interface (API) is available that allows users to program automation of reports and explorations through visual basic for applications. Cognos TM1 turbo integrator processes are made available in the IBM Cognos Analysis for Excel sidebar. A subset of Cognos TM1 functions, including DBR, DBRW, and SUBNM, can now be executed by IBM Cognos Analysis for Excel.
  • Enhancements in Cognos Insight, allowing users to undo actions within Cognos Insight.
  • Enhancements in Mobile Contributor, allowing users with Apple iPad to access IBM Cognos TM1 planning applications.
  • Revisions to IBM Cognos TM1 Performance Modeler updates that enable users to easily define complex rules and calculations.
  • Improved user efficiency and productivity through improvements in query performance, as well as in all user web operations (enhancements for metrics, mobile contributor, operations console, planning services).

IBM Cognos TM1 radically transforms your entire planning cycle, from forecasting and analysis processes to budgeting and profitability modeling.

Cognos TM1 facilitates best practices such as driver-based planning, rolling forecasts, and profitability analysis integrated with planning. It elevates the ability of Finance to manage performance proactively. And with the full range of planning processes tied to an organization’s operational front lines, Cognos TM1 enables planners and analysts to uncover hidden business options, increase profits and manage capital effectively.

Cognos TM1 addresses the full planning cycle with:

  • A personal analytics workspace, wired to the broader enterprise, which combines planning, analysis, reporting and personal dashboarding in a single interface
  • An innovative, guided modeling environment that eases development and deployment of planning, analysis and forecasting solutions
  • Patented, 64-bit, in-memory OLAP for enterprise scalability
  • A choice of interfaces including Microsoft Excel, Cognos TM1 Web and the Cognos TM1 Contributor client to accommodate a broad range of work styles, as well as Cognos Insight for non-Excel users
  • Connections to IBM Cognos Business Intelligence for a single, integrated platform that consolidates data from multiple sources such as personal data files, spreadsheets, ERP or other enterprise applications
  • Role-based security for multiple users and user types. Advanced predefined selection options ensure that users see only those portions of the plan that they need to see
  • A choice of distributed or centralized planning deployments for a wide range of users and interactions
  • Full Unicode support that accommodates string lengths expanded beyond 255 characters. Includes language support for Japanese and simplified Chinese
  • Capability to extend ERP investments with the IBM Cognos data orchestration tool. This tool easily connects to data warehouses, Microsoft Excel worksheets or any ODBC-compliant database


These advanced capabilities help companies become highly collaborative and adaptive. Multiple users in functions such as sales, marketing, and HR can analyze planning results – either online or offline – and explore alternative scenarios with an easy-to-use, graphical interface. Users can share plans in dashboards or reports, and easily prompt team members for comments and validation.

When a plan model has been completed, a financial or business analyst can publish the analysis to the enterprise, then develop the model further, link it to other models to form a cohesive system, or deploy it to workgroups or others for their contributions. Cognos TM1 also enables planning team members to perform complex analytics such as profitability analysis or predictive or risk analytics for even greater insight.

IBM Cognos Analytic Server
Cognos Analytic Server, a component of Cognos TM1, offers advanced distributed architecture for greater scalability and interactivity. It lets an organization choose centralized or distributed deployment methods for its planning activities, depending upon the level of interactivity needed. The thin client – Cognos TM1 Web -- supports centralized planning, while the distributed process supports higher levels of planning participation.

IBM Cognos Performance Blueprints
Cognos TM1 can be used with dozens of pre-configured templates – Cognos Performance Blueprints – that help transform essential processes quickly, at less cost and with less risk. Cognos Performance Blueprints help organizations apply proven best practices to their functional processes quickly, and reduce the total cost of ownership.


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