Cognos Disclosure Management is purpose-built to transform manual processes and enhance controls well beyond the corporate external financial reporting process and across a global finance operation.

  • Collect enterprise data and merge it with focused narrative analysis in a controlled, auditable environment.
  • Drive process consistency and automate manual processes.
  • Enhance security over sensitive data and reports.
  • Gain insight into critical performance management and reporting processes through dashboards and alerts.

Enterprise disclosure management

    • Ensures a single version of the truth across reports by bringing together enterprise BI data and performance management reports into a single, scalable solution.
    • Automates internal reporting such as management reports, operational reports, board books, and strategic planning and forecasting reports.
    • Enhances visibility and accountability in critical reports and presentations for management and business leaders.
  • Combines authentic enterprise data and financial reports with narrative analysis in a secure, collaborative environment.
  • Automates and enhances controls over regulatory filings, global statutory and tax reporting, Global Reporting
    Initiative (GRI) and sustainability reporting, treasury management and other reports that are normally produced manually.

Financial management process automation

  • Pulls data from a variety of financial and non-financial data sources into a unified reporting platform.
  • Helps users create, format and validate highly sensitive reports quickly, accurately and securely.
  • Provides executive, financial and operational leaders with accurate, timely data and analysis to make better, faster business decisions.


IBM Cognos Disclosure Management V10.2.3 automates report production management processes, and manages any internal and external narrative reporting requirements. IBM Cognos Disclosure Management V10.2.3 boasts advanced features for narrative reporting and disclosure management.

IBM Cognos Disclosure Management V10.2.3 delivers:

    • On-premise deployment options for ultimate flexibility (deploy fast on cloud and switch to on premise if your needs change in future).
    • Compatibility with IBM Concert, a user experience that unifies performance management processes purpose built for a mobile, socially collaborative workforce.
    • Product stabilization and usability improvements.
    • Updated support for worldwide XBRL tagging mandates (including COREP and FINREP).
    • Continued improvements and enhancements for the organizations involved with US Securities and Exchange Commission filing.
    • Automation for any data-driven and narrative reports and presentations.
    • Controlled and auditable environment.
    • Side-by-side document version compare.
  • Tight integration with on premise data sources.
  • Integrated and holistic tagging solution for multiple tagging requirements worldwide.
  • A complete reporting solution for narrative-intensive internal documents that requires collaborative preparation of data in grids and visual representation of data elements in various presentation formats (Microsoft Word, PDF, or Microsoft PowerPoint).
  • Support for HMRC filers in the United Kingdom.
  • Multilanguage support, including bidirectional language capabilities.
  • Robust security, controls, and audit trail reporting to enhance transparency and accountability across various performance management processes and disclosures.
  • Broad integration capabilities with IBM Cognos Performance Management and IBM Cognos Business Intelligence solutions. In a single application, it brings together business intelligence data and performance management reports, and combines them with narrative analysis in a controlled, auditable environment.
  • Migration capability if you have IBM Financial Statement Reporting V6.6.1 installed.
  • Pivot-based navigation that allows easy review of XBRL document.

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